About Us

In these high-stress, high-speed and high-pressure times, it’s more important
than ever to take time to look after your wellbeing both physically and spiritually.
Finding that inner balance is not only a goal to be reached once and for good–
it’s a lifetime project. And we are here to help you pursue it – one step at a time.

Welcome to Persona!

Here you will find a team of consultants packed with the expertise needed to
help you overcome any obstacle on your way towards becoming your best self.
We would be honoured to guide you along the active process of making the right
choices needed to lead a fulfilling life that feels as good as it looks on the
Our journey began a few years ago in the skincare industry, by looking for the
most advanced technologies and keeping up with the latest trends.
By working with world-class experts and renowned brands over the years, we
restated an already known truth – what’s going in the inside always shows up on
the outside. Therefore, the secret to a radiant and healthy skin isn’t held by
sophisticated products and treatments, even though they surely contribute as

We are becoming more and more aware of the positive impact of a healthy diet,
exercise and stress reduction techniques – but sometimes what we need to get
started is just a little bit of support. Think of us as your wellness & personal care
friends, because this is what Persona is about – the passion of helping others
reach their personal goals and sharing the knowledge gained throughout the
You are the core of our mission as we aim to make you feel beautiful inside &
out by specially tailoring and formulating packages based on your aims, goals
and long-term self-vision.

The Process

How it works:
At Persona, you’ll feel right at home with our friendly and experienced
consultants as they carefully take you on the following steps:

1. Consultancy
In this first step, our aim is to get to know you on a personal level to find out
more about your current habits, lifestyle and general way of living. From dietary
style to stress levels, we make sure to carefully consider all the relevant
information needed for us to make sure the perfect plan and recommendations
is included with our unique packages.

2. Lifestyle Recommendations and Suggestions
At Persona, we take special care to preferences and the ability to follow certain
guidelines by appreciating that every individual is unique. We take you through
a series of recommendations and guidelines to find out more about the
integration of our packages within your daily routines and life. Of course, with
different working hours, responsibilities, age and gender, certain commitments
can be easier for some to achieve than others – thus, we make sure our
packages are completely tailored for you to ensure an easy integration and

3. Package selection
After carefully considering all the information you provided us, we recommend
packages accordingly and explain the benefits of each towards achieving your
mentioned goals. All packages come with personal advice on how to use and
maintain consistency based on your current lifestyle not only from a technical
level but a mindset level as well.

4. Follow-up services
If you thought that you receive the packages are you are off on your own, you’d
be wrong. We provide a non-intrusive optional service which helps you maintain
your aim, focus and determination towards achieving the planned goals through
our packages. If at any time during the process you feel overwhelmed – be it
from stress or other factors – we are here to lend a helping hand.

5. Feedback and thoughts
At Persona, we pride ourselves on our ability to talk the talk and walk the walk
and all our services have a satisfaction guarantee. Making sure that our
recommendations, plans and packages have life-changing positive impact on
you is what we stand by and we would love to hear your thoughts and keep in
Quality Guarantee
All our recommended products and services are dermatologist approved and
our award-winning affiliate partners are approved by the FDA and other relevant
regulatory bodies within the USA.

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